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Number Street Math Academy Curriculum

     The curriculum is developed on the basis of best practices and research-based learning. The instructors incorporate in their daily teaching various problem solving strategies such as drawings, bar models, diagrams, technology and math talks to facilitate students' reasoning and understanding of mathematical ideas.

     Math is dynamic, fun, challenging and our students are smart.

  • Our Kindergarten level kids enjoy mathematics.

  • We count with pizzazz!

  • we add and subtract up to 10 - it is easy.

  • We use strategies to add and subtract up to 20.

  • We add and subtract with decade numbers up to 100.

  • We problem solve, we play math games, we love math!

  • Students in Level 1 become fluent and flexible with addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers. They solve linear equations with 1 variable.


  • Multiplication and division facts are introduced.


  • Students explore geometric shapes, draw with geometric tools, and measure to find perimeter of polygons.


  • We love word problems.



  • Addition and subtraction of 2 and 3-digit numbers is a piece of cake!


  • Fractions become interesting and part of the daily routine.


  • Multiplication and division are the big topics and we are good at them. Now, we generate equivalent fractions!

  • Area of polygons is explored in an informal way.


  • We write our very own word problems!


Goals for Level 3


  • Students at Level 3 are math-magicians in multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. They solve linear equations for breakfast! And long division is on the menu.

  • We add and subtract fractions with different denominators with ease!

  • We solve linear equations of the type  49 = 2x - 11 while sleeping :)

  • Students delve deeper in concepts such as divisibility rules, square numbers, number bases, and other number theory ideas.

  • Functions and systems of equations involving pictures and graphs become the hit for the super math sleuths.

Goals for Level 4

  • We are good in decoding word problems and writing equations with variables.

  • Pre-Algebra is our motto and we love it!

  • Decimal numbers are introduced, added and subtracted.


  • Multiplication and division of rational numbers (fractions, decimals, percents) are explored.


  • We enjoy geometry and construct shapes using compass and straightedge.


 Goals for Level 5

  • We are ready for middle school pre-algebra topics and we excel in them.

  • At the end of 5th Level, our students are prepared for Honors middle school classes.


Middle Grades Part 1


  • Students master the topics of PreAlgebra.


  • Geometry becomes rigorous and we love Proofs!


Middle Grades Part 2/ High School A


  • The end of the Middle grades and beginning of High School are marked by Algebra I and II and sophisticated Geometry that can outdo many college Geometry courses!


High School B

  • These are SAT kids! They conquer not just the regular SAT but the Subject Math SAT!


Goals for Level 1

Goals for Level 2

Goals for Level K

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