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About Dr. Jenny K. Tsankova

I believe all children can learn mathematics. More than that, I am convinced that all children can learn mathematics well and that they are capable of rigorous problem solving, creative thinking, and thoughtful mathematics discourse.

As teachers, we are blessed to give our students the gifts of learning and to create environment in the classroom where they enjoy discovery and persevere when wrestling with challenging problems.

A teacher's work is never done. A teacher cares, plans thoughtfully, tries different strategies, reflects, and then tries again. I am thankful to all great teachers in my life who still make my work everything I dreamed of. I am also thankful for all great students in my life who still teach me mathematics and never let me grow old!


Dr. Tsankova's university work, her professional development, writing, and research are devoted to mathematics education.


Dr. Tsankova works full time at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI.  She teaches future teachers how to best help students enjoy and be successful in school mathematics.

She also works with inservice teachers to facilitate the transition to the Common Core Standards in Mathematics.


A classroom teacher said about her, "Every time I take a class with Dr. T, she rejuvenates my enthusiasm in teaching mathematics!"


Dr. Tsankova is the Director of Number Street. She teaches in the Number Street Math Academy and writes the problems for the Numberzine.


She is eager to hear all of your suggestions, comments and questions!

Contact her at :

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