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Welcome to Number Street

This is a place for mathematics educators, young mathematicians, problem solvers, puzzle lovers, and math magicians!

For Teachers and Administrators

we offer:


  • Professional Development Opportunities

  • Current news and tips from the field about blending face-to-face and synchronous teaching

  •  Quarterly Numberzine of problems you can use in class, for POD or POM or for additional challenge problems.

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For Students




  • Like to try puzzles and tricks, we offer our monthly Numberzine.

  • Look at our current Numberzine and do not forget to e-mail/mail your solutions to us!

For South Shore parents

interested in:


  • A math program you can rely on for the success of your child

  • Small online classes

  • Research-based and field experienced curriculum

  • Serving Easton and close-by communities since 2012

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