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Who Is Who
Who Is Who in the Numberzine 

Dr. Jenny K. Tsankova, Director and Author

Dr. Jenny K. Tsankova is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Roger Williams University. She offers professional development for teachers and enjoys teaching students. She loves solving interesting problems!










Desi Stakeva, Co-author

Desi Stakeva is a teacher at the Number Street Math Academy and the Pi Math School. She is enthusiastic about math and her students! 
Viktor Tsankov, Editor

Viktor Tsankov has a Bachelor's Marketing degree from McGill University, Montreal . He facilitates mathematics courses in a Master's Program in Mathematics Education. 





Tyler Giroux, Newsletter Design

Tyler Giroux is an undergraduate student at Roger Williams University. 
Emily Condry, Marketing

Emily Condry is an undergraduate student at Roger Williams University. She wishes to become the best teacher she can be and of course she loves math!