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  Number Street Math Academy 2017-2018 Tuition and Policies:



1.     The program is 36 weeks long, September through June.

2.     You can pay for the full 36 weeks and receive a 5% discount.


1.     You can pay in two or three installments. Each installment is for 12 weeks.

2.     If a sibling is enrolled, a 5% discount is applied to his or her tuition.

      3. Unused portion of tuition is fully refundable (after the first 12 weeks).

      4. In addition, each student needs to purchase Singapore Math workbooks A and B for their 

corresponding level. (See link under Resources for Parents on this page on the left.)

 hours/week1st payment (12 weeks)
Level K1.5 500 
Levels 1-21.5 520
Levels 3-4 1.5560
Levels 5-6 2600
7/8 (Pre-Algebra/ Algebra 1)  2640
Geometry/Algebra II 930 
SAT/ PreCalc 930 
Online TutoringAs needed 50/hour 
Private TutoringAs needed 60/hour