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Welcome to the Numberzine! We are very excited to offer this math magazine for students Grades 1 through 8.

Numberzine is free, interesting, and challenging.  We hope that students try the problems,  persevere, and become interested in mathematical ideas.

Please encourage your students to participate by either using the problems in your classroom or distributing them for students to try at home.

  • The cover page contains a short editorial, devoted to our work towards the Common Core State Standards.

  • The first page contains information for all grades. Then, you may only need to copy the corresponding two pages relevant for the grade level you teach.

  • Some of the problems are non-routine and might present significant challenges for students. You might consider providing the problems from the previous grade range if needed.


 If you would like to receive the magazine by e-mail, please email us at



Thank you and enjoy,

          Dr. Jenny K Tsankova